Antonia Agnew and Felicity Marno are the two principals in Stockspring Antiques, which was founded in 1979. After university we both studied for the Diploma in the History of Fine and Decorative Art from the Study Centre, London. Subsequent to this award Antonia worked for Christies and Felicity for the dealer Morris Bennett. We moved to 114 Kensington Church Street over 25 years ago, in 1987.

The wide range of ceramics we carry reflects our interests in  fine 18th and early 19th century English wares and also Continental porcelain, particularly  that of the early German factories and French soft paste porcelain. We are involved in researching the 18th Century independent London decorators such as James Giles, and have an abiding interest in the cross-fertilisation of  styles and designs between East and West and the Continent and England. Our pieces are represented in major private and museum collections world wide.

Every year we have an important selling exhibition of noteworthy pieces from private collections and our own acquisitions, with an accompanying catalogue, and exhibit at the Masterpiece Fair.

We have mounted several important academic loan exhibitions, including The Dragon and the Quail on Kakiemon porcelain and Tea, Trade and Tea Canisters which explored the history and development of the European tea canister, both of which were accompanied by a highly regarded catalogue. We have also been consultants for, and curated and mounted, other exhibitions for organisations such as the English Ceramic Circle and independent researchers.

Antonia has been on the ceramics vetting committees of several major antiques fairs. Felicity is an Honourary Vice President of the English Ceramic Circle and was Programme Organiser for its series of seminars on the history of style and ceramics, at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She has also lectured extensively both in England and overseas, and given papers of original research to the ECC which have been published in the Transactions of the ECC. Both  have been co-authors of several academic monographs, catalogues and papers on ceramics.


All available from Stockspring Antiques

Ceramics, 400 Years of British Collecting in 100 Masterpieces, Patricia F. Ferguson, a wide ranging selection of ceramics in National Trust houses, 250 pages, 45.

Worcester Porcelain, Two Australian Collections 1753-1835, by Murray Hooper and Robert Robertson, 208 pages, hardback, 50.

Sir Hans Sloane's Plants on Chelsea Porcelain, by Sally Kevill-Davies in association with Antonia Agnew and Felicity Marno. 229 pages, hardback, 30.

English Potter - American Patriot? Extracts from the extraordinary life of Richard Champion, Nicholas Panes, 160 pages, 35.

Fire and Form, the Baroque and its Influence on English Ceramics c.1660-1760, the publication of the papers given at the English Ceramic Circle's seminar at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2009. This explores the extraordinary influence of the new fashions and tastes which came from the Continent with the accession of Charles II, with papers on silver and Continetal porcelain as well as the new tea and dinner wares, figures and the decoration and forms of British pottery and porcelain in this period. Our collections would look very different today without the influence of this seminal period. ECC publication. 20. Please order from the ECC web site: www.englishceramiccircle.org.uk.

Bow Porcelain, On-glaze Prints and their Sources, Gordon and Sue Guy-Jones. A comprehensive work on all known prints on Bow, illustrated with the pieces on which they are found and with the source prints where known. ECC publication. 20. Please order from the ECC web site: www.englishceramiccircle.org.uk.

The Dragon and the Quail - English Kakiemon Porcelain catalogue to accompany the exhibition at Stockspring Antiques which examined the web of influence between Japanese Kakiemon designs, Continental and English porcelain. 10

Tea, Trade and Tea Canisters, catalogue with monograph to accompany the loan exhibition at Stockspring Antiques. This is a complete review of the tea canister as used in Europe, the sources of the form, the trade with China and the impact of the canister on British society with the rise of tea drinking in Britain. Co-authored with Dr David Doxey. 22

Caughley Toywares, catalogue and monograph covering the complete range of Caughley toywares, with examples from other factories for comparison. Co-authored with Dr Chris Holloway. 15

Paul Sandby and Related Influences on Caughley Porcelain, catalogue and monograph which accompanied the exhibition at Stockspring Antiques, examining the landscape painting on Caughley and its sources. Co-authored with Dr Chris Holloway. 15

James Giles, China and Glass Painter, catalogue to accompany the loan exhibition at Stockspring Antiques, in which the complete range of Giles's work was displayed. This is now the  definitive  book on James Giles,  with the latest research. Author: Stephen Hanscombe. 30. Sold out

The Early James Giles and his Contemporary London Decorators, monograph to accompany the exhibition at Stockspring Antiques, in which the production of this famous decorator in the first 20 years of his working life, 1743-63, is elucidated. The work of his contemporary independant decorators is also examined. Author: Stephen Hanscombe. 30

Jefferyes Hamett O'Neale, China Painter and Decorator, the third monograph for an exhibition at Stockspring Antiques in our major series examined the work of this leading porcelain decorator of the mid 18th century.
Author: Stephen Hanscombe. 30

The Rise and Fall of the Ceramic Spittoon, monograph which accompanied a loan exhibition at Stockspring Antiques which illustrates a wide range of ceramic spttoons, and sets them in their social and medical context. Author and publisher: Niger Cooke. 10