Meissen Podewils Service Dish
Meissen Podewils service dish c. 1741-1742

A Meissen armorial dish from the Podewils service, decorated in Kakiemon enamels and with the arms of Graf von Podewils surrounded by the Order of the Black eagle, surmounted by a gilt coronet and flanked by two black eagle supports each with FR monogram.   Mark: crossed swords                             c. 1741-42                                             D: 25.5 cm

Gift of Augustus III, King of Poland and elector of Saxony to Heinrich Graf von Podewils, probably in 1742

Provenance: Ole Olsen collection;             Hofmeister Collection

Graf von Podewils was sent to Dresden in 1741 by Frederick the great, probably to negotiate a treaty with Augustus III following the First Silesian War. He signed the Treat of Breslau in 1742.                

Podewils recorded in a memoir. "at the end of 1741 I was postd by His Royal Majesty to the court of Dresden where, having successfully accomplished my mission, the King of Poland most graciously made me a gift of a portrait of himself set with diamonds and a costly table service".

Ref: Maureen Cassidy-Geiger, Fragile Diplomacy, pg. 101-102.