Meissen Dutch Decorated Teabowl and Saucer
Meissen Dutch decorated teabowl and saucer
A Meissen teabowl and saucer of Bottger-type porcelain with a moulded stiff-leaf border around the base of the teabowl and the under-rim of the saucer, decorated in Holland with enamels in the Kakiemon palette with two running dragons and two berried plants, a floral spray in the centre, the stiff leaves coloured naturalistically and outlined with a fine black line.
c.1720-25 (porcelain, 1725-35 (enamelling)
H: 4.5 cm

Condition: the saucer has been broken and well restuck, the teabowl is fine.

Ref:  J. Ayres, O. Impey and J. Mallet, Porcelain for Palaces, no. 266 for an example in the Ashmolean Museum.

Meissen Dutch decorated teabowl and saucer