Continental Ceramics

A Selection

Meissen cup and saucer with a carnation
Meissen cup and saucer
c. 1740
Meissen Podewils service dish
Meissen Podewils dish
c. 1741-42
Tournai dish decorated in The Hague
Tournai dish
c. 1775-90
antique Vienna Continental figure
Vienna figure of a
c. 1765-70
Meissen Dutch decorated teabowl and saucer
Meissen Dutch decorated
teabowl & saucer
c. 1730
Meissen yellow tiger charger
Meissen charger
c. 1743
Orleans Continental figure group of putti
French soft paste
group of putti
c. 1755-60
Furstenberg stand
Furstenberg stand
Meissen cup and saucer with harbour scenes
Meissen cup & saucer
c. 1740
Sevres cup and saucer, 1763
Sèvres cup & saucer
Chantilly egg cup
Chantilly egg cup
Chantilly kakiemon saucer dish
Chantilly Kakiemon
saucer dish
c. 1745
Frankenthal antique Continental porcelain figure
Frankenthal figure group of
Children Playing with a Dog
c. 1780
Chantilly kakiemon bowl and saucer
Chantilly bowl & saucer
c. 1730-40

Chantilly Kakiemon pot and cover
Chantilly pot & cover
c. 1730-40
German asparagus etui 18th century
Meissen asparagus etui
c. 1750
Mennecy pair flowersellers figures
Mennecy Flower Sellers
c. 1755-60
chantilly snuff box.
Chantilly snuff box
c. 1740

Meissen beaker and saucer with Augsburg hausmaler decoration
Meissen beaker and saucer
Hausmaler decoration
c. 1725-35
Meissen figure of a blackamoor page by Kaendler
Meissen figure of a
c. 1745