Cutlery - English, Continental and Chinese

A Selection

Bow knife and fork
Bow knife and fork

Aventurine glass knife and fork c. 1720-50
Aventurine knife and fork
Agateware pottery Knife
Agateware pottery knife
c. 1750
Agate knife and forkAgate knife and fork
c. 1700-1730
Meissen 18th C knife
Meissen knife
c. 1745
Doccia kife with Dupaqier style decoration
Doccia knife
c. 1770
Worcester knife c. 1760-65
Worcester knife
c. 1760-65
St Cloud knife with Kakiemon design
St Cloud knife
Wedgwood jasper fork
Wedgwood fork
St Cloud knife moulded wiht prunus and enamelled c. 1730
St Cloud
c. 1730-40

Chinese fork with blue and white design, Qianlong
Chinese fork
Travelling knife and fork, green bone handle with silver decoration
Travelling knife and fork
18th Centruy

Silver knife and fork, late 17th c
Silver filigree knife and fork,
18th Century