18th Century English & Continental Figures

A Selection 

Derby antique figure of a Fawn
Derby Fawn
c. 1760
Frankenthal group of children
Frankenthal group of children
c. 1780
Bow figure of a sheep
Bow Sheep
c. 1760
Derby Graces awakening cupid
Derby Graces and Cupid
c. 1780
Derby figure of a Map Seller x. 1765
Derby figure of a
Map Seller
c. 1765
Derby figure of a Map Seller's Companion
Derby figure of the
Map Seller's Companion
c. 1765
Meissen figure of a European Bison
Meissen European Bison
c. 1750-60
Chaffers liverpool figure of a white nun
Chaffers Liverpool
figure of a Nun
c. 1756-58
Rockingham figure of a Cat
Rockingham Cat
c. 1830
Ludwigsburg figure of a Print Seller
Ludwigsburg Print Seller
c. 1770

Vienna Savoyard Puppetteer figure
Vienna Bagpiper with
c. 1765-70
Bow model of a ewe and lamb
Bow Ewe and Lamb
c. 1760-65